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U.S. NERO – ‘Free Thinker’ Review

us-neroIn the spirit of Captain Beefheart, Flipper and The Fall, U.S. Nero open their new album with I’m a Commodity, a mash up of spoken word, screamed vocals and some experimental noise pop backing. The use of radio samples and different time shifts is prevalent throughout the album. However, these folks are not a one trick pony as Banned from the Mall enters into Byrds like harmonies and swirling psychedelic sound.

Mark E. Smith himself would be proud of You Remind Me of a Cop, a Fall like effort that breaks into a raucous repetitive riff driven punk song.  Who’s coming out?  Is a track where U.S. Nero exhibit their New Orleans roots with a grungy swampland garage rock guitar driven powerful effort.

The band toured last year supporting Comrade Nixon recently reviewed by this site and their version of punk rock is certainly experimental with different time sequences, vocal treatments and instruments. Race to the Bottom introduces keyboards before launching into a math-punk song.

Lost to Stay begins with some heavy guitar solo and a slower tempo and, for me, is the highlight of the album as it builds into a powerful churning song with some melodic vocals.

Tesla Coiled adds some weird lyrics to a more straight up punk tune (although “straight up” is a relative term for this band J) It is followed by the ghostly opening to The Electric Disease a track that launches into a fast and violent chorus before veering into almost unplugged verses…it really does work!

The album closes with The Banality of Evil another slower song that is instrumental and introduces numerous noises on top of and beneath a chord riff with a dub-reggae feel. It’s clever and intriguing just like the rest of the album – well worth a listen! The digital album is available here –

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Track Listing

  1. I’m a Commodity
  2. That Was
  3. Banned from the Mall
  4. Another Glib Statement
  5. You Remind Me of a Cop
  6. Who’s Coming Out?
  7. On Top
  8. Benefitting from Imperialism
  9. Race to the Bottom
  10. History Boys
  11. Lost to Stay
  12. Tesia Coiled
  13. The Electric Disease
  14. The Banality of Evil



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