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ULTRA RAZZIA – Self-Titled Album Review

ULTRA RAZZIA – Self-Titled

Ultra RazziaUltra Razzia hail from Quebec, Canada and three of the four members played (or still play) in The Prowlers (An Oi! Band from Montréal since 1998) and they play French Oi!/Street Punk.

The chunky guitar chords that usher in Transport Au Cerveau set up a pounding street-punk effort with soaring vocals, booming bass and a group vocal chorus full of anger and angst. The follow-up, Les Incompris features an imposing bass guitar run, some interesting “La, La, La” backing vocals and a Charlie Harper-esque vocals as Ultra Razzia channel early UK Subs and Angelic Upstarts with some solid punk rock and then Catatonique brings a little Oi! flavour to the album with some terrace chant style choruses and neat bass solo touches!

De Profondis sears into your skull with a pacey hardcore punk approach but replete with accessible melody and stomping beat and Razzia is a straight up punk rock track that has that prominent bass guitar and delivers a number of hooks throughout. The thirteen-track album really gets into gear with the 200mph Dans La Guele Du Loup reminding me of The Casualties with growled lead vocals and tight as all hell playing and L’Horreur does not let up the pace until the middle-eight breaks for a rhythmic vocal section.

On Croirethe churning guitars set up a menacing, muscle bound Oi! Effort and Tout Va Sauter adds a singalong chorus to the chunky riffs, pummelling beats and that ever-present booming bass guitar (we do love a bass guitar high in the mix here at punkonline.co.uk!) The band continue the all-out aural attack on the melodic, yet powerful Les PavCs and Parfum Immoral builds from a promising start to delivering a mid-paced, angry and strong punker.

The penultimate song, A La dCrive sees Ultra Razzia go for it with some significant pace and muscle as their churn out a cracking, hook infused headbanger setting up the closer, ExpCrience De Choc where the band lay it on the line with yet another street punk effort full of UK82 vibes. This is good stuff!


Grab yourself a copy of this superb album by Ultra Razzia here: https://foreignlegionrecords.bandcamp.com/releases