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UNDERCLASS UK – ‘Rip Your Face Off’ Album Review

UNDERCLASS UK– Rip Your Face Off

underclass-ukUnderclass UK were formed in Dagenham in the 1980’s and the first track Always Darkest Before the Dawn on the their new album, Rip Your Face Off, recalls Stiff Little Fingers at their best.  The band have experienced a few ups and downs and a 25-year hiatus but with original members finding each other again and recruiting a bassist, they are back and making up for lost time.

Checking Out is driven along by an absolutely thudding bass line and the melodies come thick and fast whilst One Size Fits All captures an incredible energy across the band – it’s one of the top tracks on the album.

Rats, neatly puts a bow on the entire package blending the strong rhythm section with the neat guitar work and vocals that are perfect for the band’s sound.

Underclass UK have returned with the energy of teenagers and the knowledge of adults. They are tight, full of melodies, powerful and fresh. How’s Your Father is a cockney, rockabilly punk riot in the spirit of Cock Sparrer and the Rejects.

Lost In Your Dreams maintains the pace and Give It Back shows another side to the band with a slower and slightly eerie song underpinned by an almost goth style guitar lick. The song builds nicely to a powerful ending full of power chords and strong vocals.

One of the longer tracks on the album is Groomed where Cramps style guitar is meshed with an Angelic Upstarts approach – it works really well and had me stomping my boots and punching the air…these boys can play!

The band show some serious songwriting chops on Don’t Call Me as they deliver a rabble rousing terrace anthem in the spirit of Sham 69 whilst Infected really ups the pace and delivers some solid punk rock that Anti Pasti would be proud of.


Rip Your Face Off  is a fine, back to form, album from Underclass UK and well worth the miserly sum the band are asking either in digital form or a limited edition promo CD.

The album was released earlier this month and you can get it here





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