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UNIFORMS – ‘Reasons To Breathe’ EP Review

UNIFORMS – Reasons To Breathe

UniformsTNSrecords have teamed up with Make-That-A-Take Records to release the new 7″ EP from Dundee, Scotland’s, Uniforms!

After receiving rave reviews for their performance at the Manchester Punk Festival, the band are going to delight punkers with this terrific release.

The opening track, Get Me Out Of Here juxtaposes a brilliant, bouncy and optimistic guitar riff with a desperate, growled vocal delivering a need to get out of the stifling day to day atmosphere. The serrated guitars, pounding beats of the verses sets up group vocal chorus’s full of spirit and energy – it is one corker of a song!

Next up is My Wise Friend and this one conjures up images of Joe Strummer and Jake Burns delivering energetic Clash or SLF tracks from their respective bands first two albums. The three track EP closes with Searchlights and Uniforms dial up things a notch with the introduction, slow down for the gravel throated vocals and slowly but surely up the pace again to create a rollicking rocker of a track.

We truly enjoyed this one and we are begging for more!


Grab a listen to Reasons To Breathe by Uniforms here:






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