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UNITED DEFIANCE – ‘Safe At Home’ Album Review


United DefianceSan Francisco Bay Area band, United Defiance recently released their new full-length album called Safe At Home out on Heliarc records. The thirteen track release opens with the fast and powerful, End Of Days with 70 seconds of punk rock packing in bass driven sections with monster guitars, group vocals and power a-plenty – phew!

The band hail out of the East Bay just a stones throw from the birthplace of Green Day but they are angrier, more edgy and powerful as displayed on Along The Way with it’s Offspring meets The Exploited vibe. Homeward Bound does have a fun atmosphere with a rollicking Oi! style sing-along style.

On Lost At Sea, United Defiance slow things down to produce a stunning mid-paced punk rocker in Troops of Tomorrow design and we loved it here! The band maintain the momentum and seriously up the pace on The Lesson with a West Cost punk sound that is just relentless with manic drums and tight as a gnats arse playing.

Straddling the half-way mark, Yet To Come launches into skate-punk territory with soaring guitar licks and melodic vocals whilst Faded Dreams adds some brutal bass work to that skate-punk signature sound. Telling Myself is sheer power and pace with “Offspring on speed” guitars and it is followed by the similarly fast-paced Dancing With Clowns with the latter displaying a more hardcore sound.

The epic introduction to Bridges sets up a monster punk-rock track that displays a band at the top of its game.  United Defiance find another gear on Road Less Travelled and at this point, we’re checking out when they’ll be playing live in our territory because the mosh-pit must be incredible. The group style, ‘punch the air’ vocals on the chorus work well with some serious shredding of instruments and the penultimate song, Time Again, maintains the momentum.

The closer is the four-minute plus, Happily Forever After, and the surprising acoustic guitar introduction leads to a melodic song. The vocals are full of angst and this ballad is made all the more powerful for its juxtaposition with the prior twelve tracks of pace and power. Bloody brilliant!!!

Check out Safe At Home by United Defiance here:



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