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UPPER DOWNER – ‘Self-Titled’ EP Review

UPPER DOWNER – Self-Titled

Upper DownerWe do love a bit of Anarcho-punk here at punkonline.co.uk (shameless plug for our book) and Los Angeles, California’s Upper Downer have just delivered a six-track EP full of melodic and powerful punk rock.

Opening with the hook laden Disarm The Police, the band drive gravelly vocals with a slab of punk rock power that had us punching the air in unison.

The crack-steady/ska-punk of Somebody Died lays down powerful punk rock choruses over the amped up ska verses and it works a treat, reminding me a little of The Blitz (maybe it’s the song title!) and thenAlone hits with sixty-four seconds of booming bass, rap-style vocal introduction and then a vicious, tight and runaway hardcore effort that blows the cobwebs away for sure!

On Dog Food Upper Downer maintain the pace and the hardcore introduction develops into a bouncy ska-punk verse and raucous punk chorus full of hooks and singalong catchiness and then the penultimate track, Piss Jug opens with a version of ska/rock steady tempo with a super hardcore chorus that the entire office just loved!

This excellent EP closes with Glue and the vocals get rawer, the pace faster and riffs chunkier but the harmonies and melodies are still on full display.


Upper Downer blend ska and hardcore punk to craft a very strong package of songs that you can enjoy following the link below.