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VALENSOLE – ‘Make Pace’ EP Review


ValensoleHailing from Southampton, UK, Valensole will release their EP, Make Pace on February 9th, 2018. The five tracks open with the absolute pearler of a punk rocker in Giving Up. With the aggression of the Idles and the eye for a hook of Primal Scream, I just loved this track with its dirty guitars, tight rhythm section and vocals dripping in irony and sarcasm.

Next up is M.A.D. where Valensole show that power can be displayed in many forms. In this case, restrained verses leads to all consuming choruses with excellent spiraling licks, pounding drums and angry vocals. The third song, So Bored continues the mayhem with a dominant guitar lick that gives way to bass drum, booming bass and creeping chords and then just bursts out into wall of sound punk.

The penultimate song, Don’t Let Go continues to juxtapose slower sections with monster choruses and even throws in some intricate guitar pieces, melodic vocals all held together by the superb rhythm section.

This very pleasing EP (one of the best of the year so far) concludes with In Your Head with its foreboding guitar lick, Lydon like vocal snarl and Black Flag meets The Vaccines sound. Frankly, I’m blown away and I think you will be too…get this one!

Check out Valensole here: https://www.facebook.com/valensoleband/