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VANDALISM – ‘Kings & Beggars’Album Review

VANDALISM – Kings & Beggars

vandalismFrom the powerful opening to the title track Kings & Beggars, Vandalism exhibit their hardcore chops in a Propaghandhi style. The aggressively delivered vocals are backed by layers of guitars and some excellent drumming. Weight On Their Backs continues to show the complexity of Vandalism’s songwriting as there are chord changes, pace changes, bass and drum solos and guitar solos all binding together in an almost operatic like package!

Vandalism formed in 2001 and the fifteen years since then have seen them continue to hone their craft albeit juggling duties of fatherhood. They make a very formidable noise and are not a straightforward three chord punk band. On Perfect Synergy, they deliver a great vocal interplay superbly backed by some fast and intricate musicianship – it’s a tremendous track that is, as the lyrics state “…overwhelming…”

Getaway is a more accessible song with a relatively pop/punk feel (relatively is the key word here!) and with Sundown Vandalism show some seriously tight riffs that betray the fact that the band members live in different cities. The 7th track of the ten on the album is about as hardcore as you get with gallows style vocals and some downright heavy backing!

One of my favorite songs on Kings & Beggars is Far From Our Eyes with it’s relentless passages of hardcore broken by brief interludes and then a monster guitar solo before driving to a scintillating close…wow!!!

On the final track There Will Be Nothing sees some acoustic guitar supporting anguished vocals that are screamed with every word full of pain and meaning. It’s a surprising ending to a terrific album.

There is a passion, anger and musical accomplishment about Vandalism that make them impossible to ignore. Get Kings & Beggars here: https://wearevandalism.bandcamp.com/



1. Kings & Beggars
2. Weight on their backs
3. Just a cough interrupts
4. Perfect synergy
5. Getaway
6. Sundown
7. Where are we now?
8. Far from our eyes
9. Rearview
10. There will be nothing