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VANILLA POD – ‘Goodbye My Love’ EP Review

VANILLA POD – Goodbye My Love

Vanilla PodLegendary UK punks Vanilla Pod formed in 1995 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK and have played gigs alongside bands such as Less Than Jake, No Use For A Name, The Bouncing Souls and Samiamto. On October 5th they released a new four-track EP, Goodbye My Love.

The record begins with the sub two-minute, Disgracer where some domestic shouting and screaming helps to launch a melodic skate-punk, 200 mph post hardcore style track full on menace and energy. Without given us a chance to take a breath, the bass guitar urges in another pile driver of hooks, melody and pounding drums as Grey attacks on all fronts.

The third song, Waster, features a great vocal performance with some sore-throat screams belting out a melody that is both beguiling and bewitching! The band play with a tight ferocity that showcases their longevity and skill with G.O.B.closing this one off with no letup in pace as dual pumping bass drums drive the song forward and the interplay of vocals across segments of slower backing all combine to create a wall of pummelling sound that just batters you into submission!


Get your fix of pacey post hardcore punk by Vanilla Podhere:  https://hornhoofrecords.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye-my-love