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VARIOUS ARTISTS – Black Country Afternoon Delights #1

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Black Country Afternoon Delights #1

Die Das DerIn late November 2018 the local studio to DieDasDer record label, Black Country Recording Company, burnt to the ground.  Years of work has been lost, and the studio is having to start again. The studio was more than a place to record, it was a gathering place for local musicians, a DIY gig venue and gallery space.

DieDasDer have come together and gathered some live recordings made at the studio this year and released them on CD to help raise money for Jim, the studio owner and the bands who lost their gear in the fire. Regardless of the reason for making the compilation album, it’s also a bloody good listen!

The album opens with two tracks from The Double Happy with Hi Everyone, a laid back, warming up song with a spoken word introduction, jazzy bass, intermittent guitar notes and chords and soft cymbals before they kick into Michael Caine with a pounding, fuzzed out bass, spaced out vocals and danceable beat finally giving way to an aggressive guitar veering on the out of control before that compelling bass line returns to anchor the track brilliantly – this is good stuff in an art-punk/Art Brut meeting hardcore type of way J

The next band, Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes contribute three songs and the first is Radequate where a feedback drenched opening cascades into a spikey, rhythmic track that proceeds at pace with aggressive punky sections, agonised vocals and a pounding beat. A Pig Called Eggs deliver a Half Man, Half Biscuit style Your Dad Ain’t Lovejoy where some aggressive, almost out of control garage style punk rock meets laid back intervals before the sole contribution from Wax Futures is a five-minute eclectic Fall like wall of sound, Breadcrumbs that had heads nodding and feet stomping in the office!

The Double Happy return with Working Girl, a track that launches into a psychedelic hardcore trip of tempo changes, screams and off-kilter slower sections and then the excellent Fauxchisels bring their Fall like attack to the fore with Screen Break, a slab of raw power before Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes introduce “a Motown song,” Don’t with its laconic vocals, edgy beat, Human League-ish keyboard all giving way to a rocking riff at the half-way point – good stuff this!

Waitress by The Double Happy who have five of the twelve songs on the album almost defies description with undertones of jazz, disco, alternative, metal and sludge/hardcore punk all put in the blender to produce something truly unique before A Pig Called Eyes stumble into I R Big Soap, a stuttering Stump like, threatening to spiral out of control romp of a song! The penultimate track is offered by Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes and Background Noise with the bands interaction with the audience introducing a “Prog Rock Song” that is anything but although I guess there are some echoes of Biffy Clyro in the new punk approach as this one rocks out! Closing with The Monkey by The Double Happy, with the signature tempo changes, hardcore screamed vocals and big riffs interspersed with jazz like drum rhythms and big bass guitars….phew!

Grab this one here and help out the music scene after the disaster of the fire:



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