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Various Artists – Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps Vol 1

Various Artists – Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps Vol 1

hidden-home-recordsFrom Boise, Idaho, Hidden Home Records have released a combination of artists as a tribute to “Punk-o-Rama, Fat Music, and the like.” The Wicked Bears open up the 18-track compilation with a Frank Tuner-esque power punk ditty 2049 and it is very good. SKiTTiSH iTZ serve up some NoFX style punk rock with Keep Your Castle and they are followed by Union Stockyards with a more hardcore effort, Garbage Hill.

The bands each contribute more than one song and this adds a more coherent feel to the album. Wilt by Young Planetary is an excellent track with a feel of Dinosaur Jr. with female backing vocals adding to the atmosphere.

The excellently named, Urban Outfielders add a DIY vibe and some kitchen sink lyrics to the album with The Big Wind Up with a low-fi Ramones feel. The album benefits from several unique takes on the punk rock theme held together with a melodic undercurrent throughout. LATE bring a much more skate-punk approach and CROWN focus on the most hardcore track so far with the heavy Life Crisis

Sheep Among Wolves contribute a more math-punk song with the METZ like Alone and Destroy Nate Allen close out the first half of the album with a more Toy Dolls style song backed by DIRT style female vocals.

Each band gets a chance to show their chops or other side on the back half of the album. SKiTTiSH iTZ offer up THE HEIST where they experiment with a ska feel complimenting their earlier SoCal punk effort. Young Planetary further mine the post punk/grunge vein with Sleep

Union Stockyards offer up a fun track The Justice League of Manitoba that is more power punk than their first effort almost Menzingers in sound. CROWN’s second effort maintains the raw power of their first driven by some superb growled vocals and change of pace throughout the song. LATE offer up 91 seconds of pacey punk rock with Noise Complaint and they are followed Wicked Bears with Do You Remember, a pop-punk standout track on the album with those Frank Turner style vocals and super melodic chorus…loved this one!

The Urban Outfielders on Batting 1K show that they can pen a very catchy tune with a 1990 Pearl Jam style. Destroy Nate Allen lighten things up with the ska infused Chick Flick replete with those male/female lead vocals and some fun lyrics.

Closing out the 18-song album is Sheep Among Wolves with Ginger Spice, a melodic post-punk song in the mold of The Meat Puppets with a little emo-tinged vocal thrown in for good measure. It’s a good end to a varied offering that is full of great tracks.

You can get this album and other recordings by some of the bands at Hidden Home Records here:-


Track Listing:

1. Wicked Bears – 2049 02:32
3. Union Stockyards – Garbage Hill 01:40
4. Young, Planetary – Wilt 03:01
5. Urban Outfielders – The Big Wind Up02:33
6. LATE – Get Pitied 01:44
7. CROWN – Life Crisis 02:43
8. Sheep Among Wolves – Alone 02:34
9. Destroy Nate Allen – Emergency 01:44
10. SKiTTiSH iTZ – THE HEiST 01:46
11. Young, Planetary – Sleep 03:27
12. Union Stockyards – The Justice League of Manitoba 04:22
13. CROWN – Storms in my Mind 02:04
14. LATE – Noise Complaint 01:31
15. Wicked Bears – Do You Remember?03:07
16. Urban Outfielders – Batting 1K 03:18
17. Destroy Nate Allen – Chick Flick 01:44
18. Sheep Among Wolves – Ginger Spice03:40


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