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VARIOUS ARTISTS – ‘Killed By Meth Volume 3’ Review

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Killed By Meth Volume 3

Killed By Meth 3The third instalment of the Killed By Methseries is a wild and diverse introduction to mainly unknown bands. The music ranges from power pop and trash rock to hardcore, capturing the contemporary punk sound sweeping through North America right now.

The album opens with S.L.I.P.and the title track, Killed By Meth and it is a sub two-minute Black Flag-esque slab of sheer raw punk rock with some great riffs and laconic vocals driving home a ripper of a track. Next comes Sweet Milk withNervous where an ominous rumbling bass guitar sets up some pounding drums, raunchy riffs and screamed vocals recorded with huge echo effect back in the mix to set up a powerful garage/horror punk track and then Obnox deliver Scenicide (Off The Meter) where a stop-start intro leads to another excellently raw/DIY garage rocker with a melodic chorus reminding me of The Cramps.

Knowso offer Energy Accident and veer into art-punk territory with complex rhythmic approaches for all instruments including the vocals with a Devo/Flipper vibe and then The Resource Network offer upFix My Hair with another flavour of punk channeling the Ramones, 13th Floor Elevators and The Fall with a bit of Tubeway Army to add some spice!

The album delivers a number of styles and Werewolf Jones take a Gallows vocal approach with False Prophet and I am in the same sort of nirvana first experienced with the Crass Bullshit Detector releases as these bands bear further investigation such as Lost System with their Late At Night dark, booming bass lick led creepy song with some goth-punk DNA driven by ominous synths.

Rolls Royce by the Oujia Boys follows some film samples with a rocking and rolling fuzz-punk fest whereas Beauticians feature an enormous bass guitar introduction, wayward organ, aggressive punk vocals and dissonant guitar on the powerful Mouse Or Man before Wlmrt jump off the cliff with a 200mph noise fest with female lead vocals on Deathsticks Ruined My Life.

Mr. Clit and the Pink Cardigans offer more female vocals, dissonance and pummelling power that will have your head-banging as Six Licks sucks you in and Fatal Figures offer Brain Obsess, a four-minute roller coaster of hardcore punk energy and power that will leave you breathless. The penultimate song is delivered by Muzzy and L.I.E. really does have a Cramps feel with a short and sharp rockabilly riff and the 15 track album concludes with The Dracu-lahs and their song, Tennessee and this one is a garage-punk party of noise, chaos, rock ‘n’ roll that halts about a third of the way through to produce a bass guitar polka like approach and then the final third drives us home with a soaring solo…great stuff!

You may be left with a little homework after listening to this one but that’s one of the greatest things about this record. It’s Trash! Records offers up another dose of punk rock that offers a peek inside some awesome new bands!