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Various Artists – Psycho In The Street Volume 2

Various Artists – Psycho In The Street Volume 2

psycho-in-the-street2The excellent Vicious Mistress Records have just released their latest 15 track compilation, Psycho In The Street Vol. 2! We reviewed the first edition and were eagerly anticipating this edition and it does not disappoint.

Opening with a stellar track from the Nuke Mutants with Acid House the cymbal and melodic guitar driven opening lulls you into a false sense of security as the band burst into full punk/rockabilly/psycho-billy mode with a prominent double bass and gravel throat vocals that I adored!

The P-Town Skanks contribute Memories From A Subconscious Mind where a punk rock Elvis rises from the dead to rock the joint – absolutely brilliant stuff that will have you reaching for the hair gel and brothel creepers! I don’t know where Vicious find these bands but they uncover gems! The third track is Psychobilly Cadillac Hearse by Insomniaxe and this one opens with a pounding drumbeat, some feedback and chunky chords before channeling the Cramps at 1000 mph…great fun!

Bad Luck Kitty add Edge Of Town with a full on graveyard stomp and jive with a slight punk feel and they are followed by DiabloGato and Damnation where a distinct punk rock approach offers another angle to the psychobilly genre. The Rock N Rebels offer up Eternity where a bluesy, bass is joined by an Italian Western guitar and things get faster and faster and faster as the band meld D-Beat with Rockabilly…and it works!

We are almost at the half-way point when Screamers & Sinners add a little complexity with some intricate interplay including a brass section on Cannonball Joe. The Theatre Zombies channel Green Day with some fast paced power chords, melodic vocals and a punk rock song that stands out for being different in a distinctly psychobilly album. The Shrieks build on the previous two track with Taster Menu standing out offering the first female vocal of the album and the musical backing more Sonic Boom Six…good one!

Karling and The Kadavers return us to that country-punk/skiffle vibe but, as the second female vocal on the compilation, Ruby is different and one of my favorites of the excellent 15! The curators of the album have done a great job in presenting variety and I never bored one with the excellent Fat Dead Elvis by Grease Creepers reminding of Monster Mash meets Bad Religion! The home stretch of the album begins with The Hills Have Eyes by Screamin Sins and it springs another surprise as the band veer into a sound perfected by the Jesus & Mary Chain (a little faster for sure) and then King Morol hit with Let Me Out where military drums are joined by rhythmic guitar and some vocals that are “gravel in the throat Oi!” in style creating a unique streetpunk meets rockabilly sound.

The penultimate track, Censor This by Wanton is in the vein of the previous track with that streetpunk meets rock n roll line of attack full of hooks and melody! Concluding with Live Through The Wolf by Under The Nightmare, the compilation ends on a high with a punk rocker that is different from the rest – more Black Flag in tone.

This is just a super introduction to a number of excellent bands. Check it out here:




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