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VICTORY KID – ‘Illenials Vol. 1’ EP Review

VICTORY KID – Illenials Vol. 1

Victory KidLA punk trio, Victory Kid released their debut EP, Illenials on May 11th. The likes of Allan Hessler (Goldfinger, Serj Tankian) and Reel Big Fish’s Matt Appleton were both heavily involved in the production of the release.

From the bass guitar and bass drum intro to My World, that lead to a ska-reggae beat it is clear that these folks know their stuff. The track is full of hooks and melody with an incredibly strong chorus that had the entire office walking over and asking, “who is this?”

Next up is Coming Together and this one has a pop-punk vibe with strong melodies and an emo-tinged chorus to create an intriguing package. The nicely titled Tuck Frump is a power-pop-punk anthem with a huge dose of SoCal protest and we welcome any effort to undermine the powerbase of the President.

The four-track EP concludes with Go Get It where a disco guitar riff leads us into a slower ballad replete with claps, serrated guitars and excellent beat and melodies dripping out of the speakers…loved it!

Have a listen to Illenials by Victory Kid here:




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