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VOLK – ‘Average American Band’ EP Review

VOLK – Average American Band

VolkSelf-described “Cowpunk Rock” duo out of Nashville, TN, Volk have just released their sophomore EP, Average American Band, released by Romanus Records.

The garage rock/horror punk vibes of Honey Bee settle to a rabid female lead vocal that drives the sound to a pulsating rock ‘n’ roller of a track full of raw energy and fuzzed out guitar. The male/female vocals add a layer of intrigue but that DIY garage punk power brings back memories of The Cramps!

Things calm down on the introduction to Land Of Toys with an organ, softly strummed fuzzed guitar and the drum beat kicks in to reveal a bluesy, rocker with a thumping mid-paced song reminiscent of LA duo, Deap Vally and Hat & Boots brings a soaring country style lick to the front of the mix and those vocals add to the raunchy, dive-bar atmosphere.

The EP concludes with January and Volk kick things up a gear with a foot-stomping, punch the air rocker that crosses The Sweet and Slade with Dr. Feelgood and the Black Keys. This is jumping, jiving, fuzzed out bliss and great fun.


Check out Average American Band by Volk here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7DC7DTFiH8DZXydAIOgABV