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VOLVER – ‘Burning Bridges’ Album Review

VOLVER – Burning Bridges

VolverBurning Bridges is the first release from Volver, a Swedish punk rock band formed by members of OldFashioned Ideas and Gatans Lag. The album was released a few weeks ago and is available via AMTY Records on all common digital platforms.

The engaging, rolling riff that ushers in the pacey Drop Dead leads to a powerful, gritty punk rock song replete with huge group vocals, pummelling drums and rollicking guitars that we loved. The accordion/harmonica introduction the hugely melodic Forever leads to a simply brilliant punk rock anthem with massive choruses, an aural assault of hooks and an uplifting growled vocal that had us smiling, moshing and hugging each other in a new-found union at

On I Don’t Care a runaway, fast-paced riff sets up a pounding hardcore effort with street punk tendencies and some UK82 DNA whereas Final Goodbye swirls to an almost Celtic Punk flavour as acoustic guitars add to a folky vibe that channels a little Dropkick Murphy’s, a little Cock Sparrer and a little Stiff Little Fingers…this is damn good stuff folks!

The twelve track album packs in enough variety and power to cover three releases and Too Good To Be True is a mid-paced power-punk-ballad with a surplus of hooks and melody and Society reminded me a little of a punk rocking version of a The Men They Couldn’t Hang protest song with folk sensibilities and Discharge roots. Volver keep the pedal to the metal on A Mind Of My Own where an extended guitar lick introduces a massive singalong punker with Make Your Mark upping the ante into fast hardcore territory for a sub-two minute straight up street punk punch to the solar plexus!

No Excuses features a rumbling bass guitar, gritty vocals and a group chorus that engages throughout and Where Do We Go? again channels the Dropkick Murphy’s with hooks, melodies and a variety of vocals throughout creating a gritty drama of a story. The penultimate song, Temp Work is an aggressive street-punk roiling and boiling cry of anger against the minimum wage era set to UK82 Oi style punk rock. This simply excellent punk rock album closes with the almost four-minute in length The Stories And The Songs and the band bring back the harmonica, acoustic guitar, gritty, plaintive vocals with some hooks and melodies that we simply adored.

A contender for album of the year and one that every punk rock fan should have in their collection.


Grab Burning Bridges by Volver here:-





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