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VULPYNES – ‘Vulpynes’ EP Review

VULPYNES – Vulpynes

VulpynesThe Vulpynes have announced their new self-titled EP which was released on March 1st. For a two-piece band (seems to be a big trend nowadays) they make a lot of noise.

The band formed less than two years ago and the track, OCD, is a massive rocker with dirty guitar riffs, driving drums and a snarled female lead vocal that completes the package. It is a terrific track full of power and angst.

The four-track EP also features the dirty and grungy, Sublingual with it’s rhythmic vocals supplementing the pounding drums. The dup manages to sound fresh and innocent but raw and raunchy at the same time and those juxtapositions produce a superb sound throughout.

There will be comparisons with LA’s Deap Valley but the Vulpynes are a bit punkier as demonstrated on the head banging perfection of Terry Said with fuzzed out guitars and spoken/sung vocals dripping with latent threat. The fourth track on the EP, Silica is a raw rocker with some pace and power and an angrier vocal mixed with Rudimentary Peni like sections.

The Vulpynes hail from Dublin, Ireland but they sound like they were brought up in a sea of Nirvana style sounds. Loved this release.

The duo recently signed with UK label Headcheck Records and plans to tour the UK, Germany and beyond in 2018.

Their debut self-titled EP Vulpynes is available from Headcheck Records now!