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VVORSE – ‘Ajatus vapaudesta’ EP Review

VVORSE – Ajatus vapaudesta

VvorseAjatus vapaudesta (Thought of freedom) is the third release from Jyväskylä based Finnish neo-crust group VVORSE. The five track EP consist of aggressive hardcore combined with dark and dystopic atmosphere and opens up with Takaisin Pimeyteen where some heavy riffs and pounding beats support an agonised lead vocal for four minutes and forty seconds of sheer hardcore terror crossing Amebix with Napalm Death!

On Avian Tarpeeksi Kauan a screamed vocal sets up the five-minute noise fest of stop-start hardcore that makes Black Flag sound like Kylie Minogue – this is heavy folks, even with a calm and extended middle-eight section that slowly builds back up to a hardcore Armageddon!

Tuhkapatsaat features a repetitive lick, thrashing drums and vocals dredged from the very gates of hell for another extended hardcore epic before Vika On Tassa Paikassa provides a brief respite with some deep guitar chords delivering a lengthy introduction to yet another bleak, heavy and powerful hardcore punk song.

This EP concludes with Orjat and VVORSE start with a slow riff, slow beat for over a minute before launching into a rocket fuelled manically fast track with those agonised vocals and layered punk rock sounds.


This one will be released on December 5th, 2018 and you can get your dark, hardcore fix from VVORSE here:-