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VVORSE – ‘Näkyjä Helvetistä’ Album Review

VVORSE – Näkyjä Helvetistä

vvorseIt may be a truism to state that Scandinavia as a region has spawned some of the best D-Beat and Hardcore bands of recent years but it certainly applies to VVORSE from Jyväskylä, Finland.  Their debut full length “Näkyjä Helvetistä” (Visions from Hell) was recorded this past summer and has just been released.

Opening with an epic crust/sludge punk track, Kaatopaikka, you are quickly made aware that you are in for an aural assault of epic proportions. The band switches gears and pounds through a lengthy exploration of hardcore music at its fiery best. The second track Ilman Katumusta begins at a rapid pace and the screamed/growled vocals sound as angry as hell. This one clocks in over five minutes and that allows the band to explore different paces, different guitar treatments all excellently played. This stuff is heavy!

Nakyja Helvetista is one of the shortest songs on the entire nine track album and is relentless in pace with a dark guitar lick adding a slightly Cramps ambiance before it launches into fast D-Beat punk rock. Three songs in and I’m almost breathless and the welcome cymbal and guitar introduction to Painajainen adds some respite and melody to the relentless assault. The track launches into some sludge territory with incredibly heavy bass and drum foundations to the guitar and vocal interplay. For me, this track is one of the stand-out tracks of the album especially as it builds to a manic crescendo half way through and onto the conclusion.

Next up is Exitus where a dark and gloomy introduction with heavily distorted bass underlying an eerie guitar and building feedback neatly splits the album in half as the instrumental effort provides the listener with the chance to catch a breath as it fades out with a clip of spoken words from a disturbed guy.

There is a darkness to VVORSE and an Amebix vibe that is evident on the excellent Kehdosta Hautaan where the band show their power chops with a pacey and tight effort that pauses for a slower and powerful section and adds an extended guitar solo before launching back into a mosh pit chaos promoting ending.vvorse

Haudantekija is a lengthy six and a half minutes and it is a grinding, pulsating classic whilst the shortest track on the album, Ikuisesti sota simply launches into a drum fuelled hardcore punk effort that Black Flag would be proud of.

The album concludes with Sassta and it is a truly excellent seven and a half minutes of hardcore, crust, sludge opera. With a superb guitar led opening, the song builds to some impassioned vocals and a variety of sections that work well individually and together. As the guitar solo sees out the track with melody and power VVORSE sign off with over 20 seconds of feedback – phew, what an incredibly powerful debut and well worth a purchase – get the album here:



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