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W.O.M.B. – ‘Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation’ EP 

W.O.M.B. – Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation 

wombWOMB (War On Man Babies) have been active in the hardcore/punk scene (under- and above-ground) for decades as musicians, artists, writers, fanzine producers, and organizers. Some of their past bands/projects include Collapse, Social Werq, Trailhead, Orange 9mm, Burn, 108, and The Free Bleeders.

This recently released five track EP opens with the excellently titled, Christina Aguilera Will Have Her Revenge opens with some huge grindcore chords and develops into a raging hardcore song with strong lead vocals spitting out some angry vocals from the point of view of a girl abused by a family member…The follow up is a fast-paced pounding punk rocker, Reverse Racism Isn’t Real and is a full frontal attack on the alt.right wankers and implores you to pursue this argument with your family…do your bit!

Out Them All opens with a disconcerting spoken word vocal over some slightly off-kilter music before it simply explodes into a slower paced but extremely powerful song. The lead female vocal is about as authentically angry as any I have heard and it makes you want to start the revolution asap!

Continuing with the clear as day title, No Means Fuck Off and the song is a hardcore refute of all rape, all rapists and their “justifications” for their behavior. This EP closes with a rollicking Discharge style Fuck The Christian Right (There is no doubt that these five song titles are the best I’ve seen in many a year).

Full of rage, anger, hope and punk rock action, WOMB are the real deal.

Get a listen to Soundtrack For A Heated Conversation EP here:-











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