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WAGE WAR – ‘Deadweight’ Album Review

WAGE WAR – Deadweight

wage-warOcala, Florida’s Wage War has announced details for their forthcoming sophomore album, titled Deadweight, which was produced by A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade (Neck Deep, The Ghost Inside). The album is due out August 4 on Fearless.

Wage War is certain to incite frenzied mosh pits for years to come, as the band displays an aggression that they’ve have only hinted at in the past. The band was named in Alternative Press‘ Most Anticipated Music of 2017 and the opening track Two Years is a mellow and atmospheric keyboard introduction that flatters to deceive as it launches half way through into a massive aural assault with throat defying vocals screaming “FORGIVE ME” – phew!

With no let up, we are catapulted straight into Southbound where the band channel Napalm Death before the guttural vocals give way to a more melodic approach creating something truly unique as the contrasting approaches work well. Don’t Let Me Fade Away adds complex rhythms and guitar approaches as well as a galloping chorus with those melodic vocals prevalent again.

The whispered opening to Stitch creates just the right atmosphere for the relentlessly aggressive track with a classic “We Weren’t Worth Saving” lyric. The twelve tracks show variety and Witness displays a pounding double bass drum machine gun style and dirty bass with a melodic keyboard and that dueling melodic vocal with throat bursting voice…the band pounds the listener into submission.

The title track, Deadweight, is driven by a super bass and guitar riff that will have live listeners slamming into each other whilst Gravity has a mellower sound (but does not lack for power!) On Never Enough and Indestructible Wage War showcase their head-banging chops with pounding efforts.

Disdain is a punk-rock/hardcore romp and My Grave Is Mine To Dig opens with some melodic keyboard and vocals that underpin the song throughout. The album closes with Johnny Cash where the band entertain a ballad-like approach that just drives forward with passion and energy.

Phew! What a listen this album is – heavy as hell – get Deadweight by Wage War here: http://wagewarband.com/