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WARTOAD Share Video for ‘I Alone Can Fix It’

WARTOAD Share Video for ‘I Alone Can Fix It’

WartoadAfter the success of their Christmas debut, a cover of Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” (nearly 220,000 organic views, if you please), Wartoad launch their second assault on an unsuspecting planet, a truly magnificent mash-up of The Donald and their unhinged, yet truly sinuous punk rock musical stylings. To celebrate their return, Wartoad have once again found themselves banned by supposed forces for good! Having been disowned by the charity their Christmas single raised money for, they have now had I Alone Can Fix It thrown off their digital download provider before it’s even been released! Don’t talk to Wartoad about punk – they’re everything your mother warned you about.

Combining some of Donald Trump’s most idiosyncratic quotes with an ominous riff and a cheerleading cry of “duck, Donald!” I Alone Can Fix It is a most unlikely earworm to emerge from Wartoad’s punk pond but one which perfectly captures a band who are proving themselves to be one of the finest incisively satirical rock bands in the world.

With band members based in the UK, Texas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and LA, the true identities of Wartoad are unknown, though their impressive respective careers have seen them play with such luminaries as Neil Young; Pearl Jam; Norah Jones and Roger Waters. Moving away from rock to an edgier, punk sound, I Alone Can Fix It is the first indication proper as to the sound of their forthcoming album, What Rough Beasts, set to be released later in 2018. If further proof of Wartoad’s genius is needed, turn the press release upside down to reveal a hidden image on the cover of the single that never was.

Wartoad are:

Al Dijon: Organ, Mellotron, Drums, Vocals

Butch Dante: Guitar, Vocals, Whistle

Calvin Voltz: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Kalimba, Vocals

Charlie Danielson: Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Diego Fontana: Drums, Vocals

Hal McNulty: Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Kip Larson: Drums, Vocals

Nigel Stevens: Vocals

Tony “Terk” Downing: Drums