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WARTOAD – ‘What Rough Beasts’ Album Review

WARTOAD – What Rough Beasts

WartoadWartoad have released their debut album and the New York, Los Angeles, London, Texas based punkers have followed up their cover of Slade’s Merry Xmas everybody with a corker!

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club infused opening track, I Get High is a superb mid-paced rocker with hints of Iggy Pop, the New York Dolls and the Jesus & Mary Chain. It’s a super four-minute plus start to a very strong release. The follow up, …And F**k Off is at the other end of the spectrum as the band deliver a strong melody over an effervescent beat with bass and keyboards prevalent.

Coming On Strong slows things down again with a bluesy riff that pounds along before Way Out dials things up a notch or two with a dirty riff supports an echo infused vocal. Wartoad cover The Stranglers live and they have a little of that band in their sound including the clever use of keyboard.

On Black T-Shirt, a tongue in cheek disco beat leads to a slightly weird song that is more Art Brut than Discharge. The band step things up a little on Alcove Fever where a garage/DIY approach adds to a raw riff and 13th Floor Elevators vibe. Swallow The Leader continues to mine that rich garage punk seam and the superbly named Druid Lunch Party enters gently with low drums, encroaching bass, intermittent guitar notes and a very distant voice that is maintained with full restraint throughout!

On Gentrification, the ambient sounds and gathering instruments soon combine to launch a heavenly and dirty riff supporting some excellent lyrics. The song fades to an elongated conclusion before rocking it up again like the Rolling Stones on speed!

The penultimate track of the eleven is the sub-two minute rock and roller, Mean To Me channeling Chuck Berry and Dr. Feelgood for a good bluesy pub rocker! The album ends with Shove It where the driving bass and drums support a great vocal as the rhythmic approach stops and starts its way into your brain.

This is a great album release and a band well worth seeing and supporting.

Grab What Rough Beasts by Wartoad here:-  https://soundcloud.com/wartoadpunkband