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WASTED DAZE – Spillage (B-Sides & Rarities)

WASTED DAZE – Spillage (B-Sides & Rarities)

Wasted DazeWasted Daze have released a ten-track collection of songs recorded over the last few years that they decided to give away for free. The band dug out some early Wasted Daze tracks from back in 04′ as well. The group had a fight back in January 2016 that “involved a hammer and had us parting ways until recently”!

This collection opens with the monster title track, Spillage where they display a pace and power that is enticing. The vocals mix melody and angst-ridden screams and the drumming powers the song along with some booming bass and searing guitar work…wow!

The 63 seconds of Deathnote (Reprise) opens with some spoken word and then launch into some 150mph punk rock anger. The much longer track, Lazarus Pit is launched with a screamed “LET’S GO” and builds into a skate-punk performance full of hooks and melody. The pace is maintained on Erase You (Reprise) where the band turn the amps up to ‘eleven’ and deliver a pop/punk powerhouse with some angry lyrics!

F.U.K.D N’ B.O.M.B.D. reminded me of Chaos UK or Disorder with its chaotic punk rock speedfest, gravel throated vocals and pace changes – I loved it! The thunderstorms that open Treading Water are replaced by a melodic and plaintive guitar before a true storm breaks out with some excellent punk rock. Fast, raw and displaying more power than an anti-fascist rally, Wasted Daze introduce some ska sections to work with the raw punk – great!

On Blood Stains (Reprise) we are treated to over four minutes of epic skate punk with churning guitars, plaintive lyrics and the full frontal assault of I’m Gonna Strangle You (Screeching Weasel) is straight up hardcore punk at its finest.

The penultimate track on this collection is Bulllon (Millencolin) and it is a two-minute cracker of a track that just motors along like a well tuned roadster. Closing with 24 Hour Rave Therapy (N-Trace Vs Jawbreaker) Wasted Daze produce a noisefest of cascading guitars and 200mph drums supporting a melodic vocal.

Spillage (B-Sides & Rarities) by Wasted Daze was released earlier this year and you can listen for yourselves here: https://wasteddazecov.bandcamp.com/album/spillage-b-sides-rarities