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WAYKOPP – ‘Too Loud, Too Old’ Album Review

WAYKOPP – Too Loud, Too Old

WaykoppFormed in the southern French city of Pau in 2013, Waykopp branched out with a tour of Canada earlier this year and now have a new album released called Too Loud, Too Old.

With some ambient sounds from what I think is a bar, the album launches into earshot with Too Loud! where the melodic and engaging guitar lick is soon joined by emerging drums and, eventually, launches into a festival of serrated guitar chords, pounding drums and bass to produce a pleasant instrumental. The prominent guitar lays down another engaging lick to introduce Kings Of Yesterday and the melodic vocals add to the appeal as the band lay down some super pop-punk with a tinge of 1970s glam rock and hints of the Undertones.

Gold Face opens with some chunky riffs and a stop-start approach not short of power and dripping with sugary melodies and powerful hooks whilst the recently released single, Insomnia is next with a slightly more aggressive edge to the guitars and the vocals and a booming bass guitar leading to a hugely harmonious chorus!

The ten-track album continues with Go On which reminded me of a pop-punk version of Nirvana with a deep guitar lick followed by punchy choruses whilst Little Boy ratchets things back a notch or two to deliver a ballad with some spaghetti western vibes and a catchy as all hell chorus – we loved this one. Waykopp cite the likes of Weezer, Green Day and Blink 182 in their influences and all are detectable on the album and especially on the rocking I’m Gone where the vocals sound like Billy Joe and the catchy melodies meld the slower and faster sections nicely.

Part Time Rockstar is what The Byrds would have sounded like if they were punk rockers with excellent, accessible hooks and melodies layered nicely and Good Times is a lengthy four-and-a-half-minute pop-punk journey with a jangly guitar extended and restrained introduction that sets up a punchy rocker with hooks raining on down. The penultimate song is another four-minute plus recording but You Don’t Even Know My Name has a more aggressive edge with serrated chords, challenging lyrics/vocals and it’s another cracker of a track with some serious Green Day roots!

The album concludes with Too Old! and Waykopp bring us home with yet another catchy effort with hooks to the solar plexus and beats that go straight to the spine and will have you moving your head in appreciation.


This is a clean, fun and accomplished album that you can get here: https://waykopp.bandcamp.com/album/too-loud-too-old