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WICKED BEARS – ‘Tuning Out’ Album Review


Wicked BearsWicked Bears are a local punk rock band originating in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut EP made an impact in their local community, and their follow up album, Tuning Out, is bound to elicit many nods of approval.

The massively melodic and fast paced 2049 is full of monster riffs, great vocals and a tight rhythm section before the title track, Tuning Out, maintains the momentum but adds some brass backing and a skate-punk approach with lyrics bemoaning the state of entertainment today.

The ten-track album is tightly played, produced and packed with punch and power as seen on No Vacancy with a melodic keyboard (I think) ingredient added at the right moments!

Nickel Arcade has a Green Day vibe with a solid pop-punk sound that will be a great accompaniment to many a skateboarder. It is followed with Reebok Classics with its bass intro, jaunty beat and melodic vocals all ably driven forward by some gigantic riffs! The band keep things moving with We Got Robbed with its Weezer style and super storytelling lyrics helped along by well-placed backing vocals!

This is one seriously pleasing album and well worth checking out as tracks like Cameron drip with melody and fun whilst 60 WPM maintain the power-pop-punk atmosphere.

The penultimate song, Chattering Teeth opens with an acoustic guitar backing some excellent vocals that are joined by an organ to add to the folky approach. It’s another simply super track. The album concludes with Mega Powers where the band take things home with fast-paced storytelling – it is a very satisfying ending to a very good album. Check these folks out and discover something before it gets really big!

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