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WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE to Release Single ‘Every Conversation is a Sale’

WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE to Release Single ‘Every Conversation is a Sale’

Wild Fruit Art CollectiveWild Fruit Art Collective spent two years perpetually touring the UK. Recently, the group finally decided to bunker down, to record and re-shape.

To recap; the group went from early secret practices sneaking into Jayne Casey’s Liverpool venue: District, to rehearse all night. After a year of dedicated rehearsal, the circus hit the road to pick up as many believers as they could. Early trips to London ended in tears and norovirus related expulsions.

It wasn’t long before the band had planted their flag in the rocky terrain of the South London moon, playing with acts like Goat Girl, Madonnatron, Meatraffle and forming a mutually loving creative partnership with local hero Patrick Lyons, famed for his wild speech at the NME awards on behalf of the Fat White Family.

Wild Fruit Art Collective forged an early covenant amongst themselves to always deliver when performing live, abiding to a rehearsal schedule described as “nonsensical, torturous”, which has resulted in injuries both physical and mental along the way (notably, a collapsed lung). Performing in front of sellout crowds everywhere from their hometown in Liverpool, Manchester and The Windmill in Brixton, the Liverpool Fruit Pickers deliver their musical bile with a precise quantity of the unplanned and unexpected.

The latest single “Every Conversation is a sale”, was recorded live to tape in a room intentionally cooled to near freezing temperatures and produced by Kristian Bell of The Wytches.

With the two guitars and bass delivering individual motifs which coalesce into a greater whole, the track is propelled by the group’s trademark frenzied, yet precise drumming backing deep, resonant vocals. This is the sound of a band who spend more time sharing and swapping music than discussing any formal style or fashion.

The song lyrically is a social critique, songwriter/singer Jamie Roberts elaborates, “The opening lines are a play on always being told when growing up to ‘dress for the job you want’ and just imagining turning up the next day dressed like the King – these hollow positive sentiments only inspire upward social mobility within a very narrow pre-determined bracket, that always got me down.”

The track is released on EGGY RECORDS, home to Beija Flo, Eyesore & The Jinx, Jo Mary and Bill Nickson. The label is a dysfunctional family wherein the members play in each other’s bands and functions somewhere between a business and a support network for the terminally creative.

While on tour to close 2018, the band are also self-producing an EP, with rumours of an ever-expanding line-up and the chronicling of a self-described “impressive mental breakdown”. “Every Conversation is a Sale” is the track in which the band steps from out and out chaos to a more refined, resonant form of despair.