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WILDING – ‘Secular Music’ EP Review

WILDING – Secular Music

wildingLos Angeles trio Wilding release their debut EP Secular Music via Friendship Fever on 28th April. Originally from Modesto, California, Wilding frontman, Dave Woody emerged from the same scene that launched Grandaddy. As frontman of Fiver and he garnered a long list of accolades over the span of three LPs, the first of which was produced by Jason Lytle. With Fiver he toured with Death Cab for Cutie, played alongside the Silversun Pickups and opened for Frank Black in London.

The five track EP opens with Ghost Deer, a fuzz drenched pop song that melds Galaxie 500 with early Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine in a shoegaze extravaganza of melody squeezed through at maximum distortion and volume…it’s a compelling sound.

Skin Shells introduces some blissfully fuzzed out bass guitar and a bouncy beat in a sub-three minute pop song with a twist. Wilding are darn good – different and powerful. The songs are accessible but not at all throwaway as there are multiple levels of instruments, guitar solos and falsetto vocals to create a great package.

Track three, Hot Prowl, is more ominous in sound where the drums and bass (both excellent by the way) maintain a consistency behind some odd noises and a full on falsetto vocal. I was reminded of early goth-style punk from the likes of Sisters of Mercy.

Haunted Mouth is inspired by a tape-recording found by the FBI at the infamous site of the People’s Temple/Jim Jones tragedy and is downright spooky opening with crickets, a doom laden bass guitar and bleeps/loops with some softly strummed guitar. The vocals are well matched with the music and the song develops halfway through into a more full on guitar driven indie track reminiscent of the early Horrors.

The final track of the EP is VCRs And Samurai Swords and it’s a very satisfying close to a very unique sounding release. Soaring vocals float above a faster track with all instruments combining to burrow into you skull. Wilding are clever, different and take the baton of My Bloody Valentine to another level…good stuff.

Secular Music EP will be available here from April 28th: https://wilding.bandcamp.com/