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WONK UNIT – ‘Mr Splashy’ Review

WONK UNIT – Mr Splashy

wonk-unitOpening with a vocal “ba ba, baa, baadabbadddaaa aaa” (or something like that!) you know you’re in for something different and Awful Jeans is excellent lyrically with a great brass section adding to the melody and the power. I Told You So changes things with a super guitar riff and a Dickies like feel. The band has a sense of fun, a sense of humor and a sense of how to write a perfect punk/pop song.

Wonk Unit are picking up quite a few plaudits in the underground media and Mr Splashy demonstrates why they are considered one of the most exciting bands around at the moment. Bin Him again layers in horns, keyboards and some female backing vocals on top of a chugging and chunky track.

And You Call This Normal sits you back as the acoustic guitar, Cello and folky vocal completely and utterly surprises. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition of what comes before and is all the more powerful for it. Now the band has your attention as it is obvious that this is not the normal three chord thrash punk rock.

Silly Voices with its classic line of “You’re my bird and I’m your geezer” and kitchen sink drama lyrics propels along with added piano, snippets of sax and synth (I think). Owen Meaney veers into Rudimentary Peni territory with layered guitars and a riff that burrows into your soul. Je M’Appelle Alex is a Toy Dolls like lyric that kicks into life and then Old Trains whiplashes you back to the Cello (and violin?) and a ghost like vocal over some washboard and piano. It’s another song that shows the strength of Wonk Unit – that is its ability to surprise, to move across instrumental landscapes and create truly different songs that are all terrific. They can really rock it as shown on Ode to Summer and Old Man and they can turn your head around with slower approaches and sonic treatments as demonstrated on Pale Moonlight.


Another flirtation with trains on Model On The Northern Line brings the Pixies to London with a take on Where is My Mind? The penultimate track on the 14 song album, Hot Day You Know It brings a lot of the prior influences together on a punk ballad with a strong, fast punk backing to a well delivered vocal. Last up is We Are The England a funny poke fun at the British Stereotype backed by a knees up bass line and building to a great crescendo – great end to a great album.

Wonk Unit are touring extensively across the UK, Europe and America to support the album.

The album is available to pre-order now from the TNSrecords webstore on vinyl (yellow, white, black) and CD.