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Woorms - A HangingLouisiana based doomy noise punk trio Woorms are in league with their fellow anger fueled hardcore thrashers A Hanging for a 7” split release. The A side of the split consists of the hypnotic track The Math Says Yes, where Woorms have brought forth an abnormal illustration of heavy sound. The B side is filled with three short, but super-fast and dynamic exhibitions of fast-paced crossover thrash metal. A release show will take place during the release date on June 16 at Babylon in Metairie, Louisiana.

Formed in 2017, Woorms is a noise punk band from South Louisiana, US. Their five-minute plus contribution to this split effort is the quite stunning The Math Says Yes. With a bluesy, swamp infected guitar, strummed softly joined by what sounds like a cello, the slow beat kicks in and the tension rises. The build is deliberate and leads to screamed vocals and a grinding riff that slowly gives way to some math-punk sections in the spirit of Canada’s Metz. The track veers between these two approaches throughout to great effect.

Hardcore/thrash metal act A Hanging was formed in 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana and in their 11 years of existence, the band has shared stages with many great acts, including Saint Vitus, Negative Approach, D.R.I., M.O.D., dead horse, Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Crowbar, Black Tusk, Artillery, Potential Threat, and Rwake. Their first song of three is the aggressive Napalm Death like Graft with pace, power and precision as well as guttural vocals, it simply rocks!

Next up is Document with 79 seconds of hardcore punk rock played at 200mph with muscle bound riffs before a slower segment grinds things down for a few moments and then we are catapulted forward at pace again. The EP closes with A Hanging delivering 97 seconds of Winter where the hardcore approach continues with eye opening and ear popping power replete with strong guitar solo and monster riffs…all in all a great realease.


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