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YARDS – ‘Excitation Thresholds’ Review

YARDS – Excitation Thresholds

yardsYards are a four piece hardcore band from London which started life five years ago as the second band of all it’s members (Ex-Ghost of a Thousand, Astrohenge, Econo, Nitkowski) before accidentally becoming the primary focus of their creative energy.

After putting out two EPs in quick succession, the band took a year out to write and record Excitation Thresholds that was released in August. The opening track, Future Tyrants is a full on assault of the senses with layers of noise, screamed vocals and slower segments combining to produce some serious hardcore action.

Capes Of Flesh continues with the wall of sound with some hints of crust-punk such as Antisect thrown in but this is one unique sound from a unique band. Yards are heavy, yet restrained as displayed on Knowable & Whole with a Rudimentary Peni riff, screamed vocals mixed with melodic vocals and guitars and a return to full on dark power!

The ten-track album is very strong indeed with some of the heaviest tracks we have heard in ages but, it must be said that the songwriting is of a high caliber and the hardcore is accessible. With War Tourist the band decide to let loose and pummel you into submission with a wall of noise rarely recorded…it’s heavy!

Everything You Love Reduced To Rubble is a song title that Discharge would be proud of but the sound of Yards is radically different than the band from the Potteries! Yards are hardcore/crust punk with some skate-punk melody overlay and it all works. With The Attic clocking in over four minutes in length, the band showcase their songwriting chops with an epic documentary of sheer power and precision that is relentless with short interludes of mellow guitar and melodic vocals.

On BL-755 the sound gets darker with keyboards, guitar feedback and static contributing to an atonal introduction that builds to an aggressive “ballad.” The band display a faster and even more aggressive approach on Moon Choker – one of the stand-out tracks on this album with speaker trembling guitars, bass, drums and vocals combining!

The ninth track of the ten on the album takes on a Melvins vibe with atonal guitars and vocals leading to power packed sections and the song threatens to spiral over the edge yet remains right on the ledge of full on power. The album closes with the epic The Shadow Stealer. The track clocks in over seven and a half minutes in length and that gives Yards a chance to show all of their songwriting chops in one elongated song package and, they do! Wowser!!!

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