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YOU BIG IDIOT – ‘Mega Donair’ Album Review

YOU BIG IDIOT – Mega Donair

You Big IdiotVancouver punk rockers You Big Idiot released their new album, Mega Donair on April 20th. This 12-track album is packed with fast and fun skate punk guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The excellent Gimme All The Sauces is a manically fast romp in the spirit of Pizzatramp – full of fun lyrics and some serious shredding. The more accessible and melodic Jessie’s Song features a prominent bass lick and pounding beat along with some monster riffs and strong vocals. On The Ted Danson Plane the ridiculously funny words are supported by some 150mph drums, running bass licks and chunky chords – wow!

The pace is maintained with the plaintive vocals of One In A Million (The Ballad Of Llyod Christmas) supported by fast paced sections and slower ska-punk flavoured segments…loved it all the way through to the acoustic guitar close! The Summer of Shafe is an off-kilter romp/waltz with a country tinge and tells a funny story.

The title track, Mega Donair is simply 45 seconds of someone unwrapping and eating food (I’m guessing a Kebab) and chuckling at the silliness! However, Pigeon Lady brings us back to a skate-punk monster track full of power and pace and the momentum is continued on Piss In A Can with a booming bass guitar, serrated guitars and lyrics attacking awful beer J

HOLO is 74 seconds of hardcore skate-punk with an edgier vocal that is criticized later in the track for “yelling” – it is bound to bring a smile to your face! Mega Donair (Reprise) adds a little accordion and xylophone to the chewing for 30 seconds and this sets up the soaring #Selfie full of pace, hooks, melody and fun.

The album concludes with Shitbat where You Big Idiot construct a ballad over an acoustic guitar. The lyrics lament the passing of a pet cat and it’s hard to tell if the band are being serious or taking the piss…I enjoyed this album tremendously and it brought a smile to the entire office…grab a listen to these folks!

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