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ZARAZA – ‘Spasms of Rebirth’ EP Review

ZARAZA – Spasms of Rebirth

zarazaLong running Polish/Canadian/Ecuadorian experimental rockers Zaraza (originally formed in 1993 in Montreal, Canada) have returned with their comeback 3rd album Spasms of Rebirth.

This is the bands first release since reforming in 2015 and they describe it as “thirty-eight minutes of foul, ugly, atonal experimental sludge/doom metal.”

The six track EP opens with Church Of Gravity where guttural, growled and echo infused vocals are laid over the atonal guitars and sludge-paced drums. It sounds as though the band are trying to raise the devil from hell, it’s experimental and as different as anything I’ve heard in a while. They follow up the six plus minutes of the opener with the even longer seven plus minute, Maskwearer. The pace remains slow, steady and the power grinds in as spoken word vocals interplay with those throat defying growls.

Inti Raymi is slightly more accessible (it’s all relative with Zaraza!) with an identifiable guitar riff underpinning a prayer like vocal treatment (if you growl your prayers that is!) Blood.ov.Psychiatrists is simply relentless in its power chord driven sludge/crust approach and Roadkill To You experiments with the incantation/quasi religious (or anti-christ) vibe with some atonal overlays of guitar that burrow into your very soul.

The EP concludes with eight minutes of Wulkan and, by now, I’m submitting to the unyielding invitation to drown in the Zaraza flood of noise.

All of the music was recorded at various locations in Ecuador with the vocals recorded in Houston, Texas.

Check out the noise of Zaraza here: http://zaraza.bandcamp.com/