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ZERO NEGATIVE – ‘Zero Negative’ EP Review

ZERO NEGATIVE – Zero Negative

Zero NegativeFrom the area of the world that produced the Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and the UKs Total Chaos, Zero Negative hail from Sunderland in England’s North East. Their recently released self-titled five track EP just hit our inboxes and it’s a corker!

Opening with the percussive and aggressive Bomb At 12, the song channels new punk bands like Idles but adds some pace as the riffs cascade across the speakers supporting some excellent vocals.

The superb Burn is driven by the powerful drums and scorching (sorry!) riffs that pack a serious punch whilst Ghouls surprises as it is punk rock instrumental with some excellent guitar work, skate-punk beats and no shortage of power!

The full on punk rock Of Age motors along to that fast paced skate-punk drumming but has more of a Discharge vibe than NoFX and the last track, I Am Free is a three and a half minute cracker. With huge riffs, pounding drums, tempo changes and angry shouted vocals, we fell in love with these folks.

New energy, raw energy and sheer punk spirit is just what you need.

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