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ZEX – No Sanctuary 7” Single Review

ZEX – No Sanctuary

zexZex are a four piece punk band hailing from Ottawa, Canada that was formed in 2014. Their new single, No Sanctuary is full of energy, melody and some great punk rock songwriting. The rumbling bass guitar and fast drumming support some great riffs and superb female vocals. Zex draw influences from bands such as the Avengers, Brat and other late 70’s American punk bands, but also tip their hat to the UK82 sounds such as Vice Squad.

Zex are currently on tour throughout Europe and will be touring the US this Summer/ Fall of 2017. The new single hits the streets on July 28th and the ‘B-side’ More Time is two and a half minutes of punk rock with a huge dose of melody, power chords bringing back memories of Rubella Ballet. Zex are a welcome addition to the global punk family and this is an excellent single to get your hands on. Go catch them live!

Zex are: Gab Hole: Bass / Mark Useless: Drums / Gretchen Steel: Vocals / Jo Capitalicide: Guitar

To order Zex’s No Sanctuary check out http://www.violatedrecords.com/products/594852-zex-no-sanctuary-b-w-more-time-7

“California Uber Alles Tour”:

October 18th – SAN DIEGO
October 19th – TIJUANA, MEXICO
October 20th – RIVERSIDE
October 21st – EAST L.A.
October 22nd – LOS ANGELES
October 24 – SAN JOSE
October 25 – OAKLAND
October 26 – SACRAMENTO
October 27 – FRESNO
October 28 – BAKERSFIELD
October 29 – ANAHEIM