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ZONA 84 – ‘Radio Pirata’ Album Review

ZONA 84 – Radio Pirata

Zona 84The Argentinian punk band Zona 84 just released their new album Radio Pirata.
Thirteen melodic punk songs with social critical lyrics but also with a sense of displaying fun they have had over the 22 years of band history. Opening with the melodic power chords of Trabajando the band immediately showcase their punk rock chops with a Cock Sparrer meets The Clash sound.

On Helgoland, Zona 84 sound like Welsh punks Anrhefn full of hooks, melody and packing a serious punch…loved this song full of energy, fun, punch the air vocals and power. Siempre es no, is introduced with a pounding beat and develops into a punk rock effort with some early Angelic Upstarts vibes.

Zona 84 are very popular in their homeland and you can see why as they write tight, melodic punk rock songs with Ahora se standing out as a punchy track with group vocals adding to the accessibility whilst No me enganes churns along with a Dropkick Murphy’s approach that will have the circle pit turning!

At the mid-point of the thirteen-track album, the SLF like Amigos Unidos dials up the pace with a fast rocking and rolling punk rock with a great guitar performance and it is followed by Traidores with a chunky riff, melodic guitar lick all combining to craft a rebel rousing punk rock classic.

The hooks keep on hitting with Codicia where Zona 84 channel the UK Subs with a tight rhythm and punch the air chorus. The hits keep on coming with a superb Panico and full on romp of Algo Mejor where the entire mix is louder, more up front and more urgent. With Buen Perdedor again reminding me of Anrhefn and Recuerdas showcasing another super extended introduction that lures you into each song.

The album closes with Perdidos and it is a barnstorming effort full of the, by now, signature melody and hooks. Zona 84 are the real deal and this is a truly excellent album full of chunky riffs, singalong choruses and some great playing throughout.

Take a few minutes and listen to Radio Pirata by Zona84 here: https://zona84.bandcamp.com/album/radio-pirata